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I don't know what to feel

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Jw35 Thu 31-Mar-16 04:31:47

I can't find the right topic to post on. My sister died 3 hours ago around 1am. She had severe aplastic anaemia and had a bone marrow transplant a few days ago. It worked but due to complications I'm yet to find out she ended up on life support yesterday afternoon. At 7pm my mum phoned to say the doctor said she was stable and would pull through.

My 17 year old niece phoned me around 2am and said she's gone. I'm numb and spooked out. We're 16 months apart and best friends, always been close. She only got ill a couple of months ago and it's all been a massive shock. This is my sister Ellie. How do I cope with this? sad she would have been 35 next week. Absolutely gutted

CiderwithBuda Thu 31-Mar-16 04:40:37

I am so sorry. What a shock. sad

There is a Bereavement topic in Body & Soul.

She looks lovely. Is your niece her DD?

daisychain01 Thu 31-Mar-16 04:43:05

JW I am so sad for your loss. I just attended my brother's funeral yesterday so I totally can empathise with your grief. It is so very hard to lose a sibling isn't it. They are who you have been through life with and know you so well. Sounds like you had a beautiful relationship with your sister Ellie. I k ow words are so inadequate at a time like this and it will take time for you to process her loss, especially as it has all happened so suddenly.

Do you think talking with a bereavement counsellor might help you to start making sense of this terrible loss? Do you have any RL support, as that is the critical thing to get you through the coming weeks and months.

By the way, I think you may get a lot more replies if you as MNHQ to move this to the bereavements Topic. You just need to click on Report this Thread and type in the dialogue box a request to move to Bereavements and MNHQ take care of the rest.

Take care, a warm hug to you in your sad time xxx

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