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Pregnant and worried about sexuality

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Adviceplease30 Sat 05-Mar-16 05:23:06

Hi everyone,
I'm having a bit of a nightmare. I'm 5 months pregnant and with my male partner who I am devoted to (3yrs) however I am concerned I am gay and will never have a fully happy relationship. We have sex very infrequently (before pregnancy too) and love each other very much. I know he is very devoted to me. Some days I can't bare to be close to him though. Because of being a child of divorced parents I don't want to put our future child through upset but equally feel mad for contemplating leaving him for possibly nothing. I have had a relationship with a woman before but I did not feel comfortable being out and about in public, my fathers opinion of me means a lot and I know he would disapprove massively. Anyways she ended it and I was heartbroken. I fell for a friend after that, stuff happened but to her it was never going to be a relationship. I then met current man who I fell for deeply, I just fell bouts of terror now I'm pregnant that maybe I'm lying to myself. I want to be happy with him, but is giving up on a satisfying sex life at 30 ridiculous or I am making a safe, cleverest decision to stick with him because maybe I will never be fully comfortable being openly gay?

MumOf2Minions Thu 24-Mar-16 18:33:51

Hi hun if you would like someone to talk to feel free to pm me smile

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