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Help me come up with a game plan for a tricky one!

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ThePartyArtist Mon 29-Feb-16 13:53:25

DH and I are looking to buy our first house. I think we are feeling generally quite anxious about the whole thing. We are looking in a very desireable area that doesn't attract many first time buyers as it's a bit more expensive than the first-timer areas.

Today we're seeing what looks like it could be the one! We could afford to buy it mortgage free. However I am struggling with feeling panicked by the estate agents! We had a feeling this one might go quickly so asked the estate agent for some info before our viewing - to do with loft insulation, and a few other things. I've explained to them that although we may seem like we're jumping the gun, we're doing this because others we've liked have gone before we've been able to get answers to certain queries.

So now the estate agent's saying we won't be allowed access to the loft on this viewing because they are too busy (something like 12 viewings in a day - although I'm not sure I believe that as they also told me the viewings are all between 1pm and 6pm). They've said they have other viewers coming 15 mins after our appointment so won't have time to show it to us. They've said we don't need to worry about seeing it anyway because a survey would pick up on any issues. However I don't think this is completely true - yes a survey would look in more depth than we could; however we will be able to see if there are broken beams or leaks - which we have encountered at another property, and therefore decided not to get a surveyer onto.

The only compromise I can see - IF we do indeed want this house - is to make an offer subject to us seeing the loft and finding it satisfactory (and of course commissioning a survey after that). DH says if they want our offer they'll let us see the loft. However my worry if that if we make an offer and then realise (either through survey or our own inspection) that it needs work, we'll have to reduce the offer and they're unlikely to accept a reduction.

How can we play our cards right on this one, i.e. keep vendor and agent on side whilst being assertive about getting the full picture before we pay anything?

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