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part time employed now sahm

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FlowerGirl2005 Sat 27-Feb-16 12:46:48

Hi guys

Just wanting some reassurance really. I was part time employed but due to ill health and yet another operation in a few weeks I've decided to quit work and once I've recovered be a SAHM. My dad owns his own business for whom my partner works for so we can financially survive without my wage but if I did ever want to do a little work I could do it from home for my dad. I guess I just feel strange as I've worked since I was 15 years old so for 8 years and now I'm not. I don't miss it I love being with my child all the time I just don't like being judged by some of my friends who do work. I feel like they think I'm being lazy when it's not the case at all. Does anyone else feel this way? Xx

limon Thu 03-Mar-16 20:19:42

my honest advice is to grow a thicker skin. What people think is their own deal not yours and if people are judging you then they aren't friends.

I work full time and my husband is a sahp.

Whatever you choose you choose, and for your own reasons.

Don't let other people's opinions spoil that - no one can win that way!

GrumpyMummy123 Fri 04-Mar-16 20:56:00

I'm a SAHM. I love it and sod other people's opinions. I've a lovely group of mummy friends who I see during the week who either work part time or don't work. Not one of us wishes to work more! We have made the decision and made comprises financially to be able to be the main carer for our children rather than nursery/ child minder etc. It's damn hard work, and I'm not claiming to be super mum but it makes sense for our family. The mad dash nursery runs and crazy commute and panic with traffic jams and train delays. Also for us now I'm doing the childcare it let's DH off any responsibility for nursery runs, appointments etc which makes it easier for him to get meetings and travel with work which opens up opportunities for him.
However, I have other friends with kids who work full time and have a very different opinions. They think im 'throwing away' my career of 10 years, don't get not earning money, think I'm crazy for enjoying going to toddler groups or getting the paints out in the kitchen on a wet Wednesday afternoon, don't I need adult conversation... etc etc
But I love it. It can sometimes feel like I'm an outsider when they're all talking about work on a night out... but it doesn't make me want to go back to work just yet!!
Do what's right for you.

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