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sharing holiday costs with my parents

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roalddahl Sun 21-Feb-16 11:02:26

We're planning to go on holiday this year to Center Parcs with my parents. There will be 6 of us: me, DH, DS (5), DD (1), DM & DF. We'll be getting a 4 bed lodge: 1 bedroom for DM and DF, the other 3 rooms for me, DH and the kids as we are not good sharing fewer rooms.

Obviously the school summer holiday prices are high but we find the easy set up there more doable for DS who has autism and severe learning disabilities. DM has offered to do some evening babysitting for DH and I but as DS is hard to settle in the evening we'll probably opt to stay in. We've invited them so we can all spend some time together rather than as childcare help.

I think it would be fairest to split the accommodation costs so that DH and I pay the equivalent of a 3 bed lodge and my parents pay the difference in cost between a 3 and 4 bed - which equates to two thirds (£1000)/one third (£500). My DM said she would like to pay half (£750).

WWYD? Insist on paying more or take the extra contribution from my parents?

Hulababy Sun 21-Feb-16 11:11:55

We would always offer to pay the equivalent for how many rooms we would be using. Or sometimes where it is easy to work out (centre parks being one of such places) the difference between the smaller villa and the bigger one needed as a result.

However, sometimes with close family like parents they want to contribute more - my parents and PILs cite that they want to contribute to Dd's holiday as they want to holiday with her, type of thing.

petalsandstars Sun 21-Feb-16 11:19:29

If they want to pay half maybe suggest that the difference £250 is used as a kitty for food/ coffee / activities and then then add more between you or take turns when it runs out

roalddahl Sun 21-Feb-16 12:38:38

Petals - that's a good idea using the difference for the kitty - I like that!

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