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Money problems

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Gabby2016 Thu 18-Feb-16 21:54:42

Hi all I'm new to this but in need of some advice. I recently moved myself and my children in with my fiancé. We only done this because I had found a job and we thought we would get some help via tax credits etc as had done calculations before hand but anyway turns out we can't. Here's the deal, I have a poorly paid job I get 600 a month but get school holidays off so don't have to pay childcare. Recently my oh has been moaning at me about not contributing to bills etc. He has a mortgage of 700 pm, pays council tax and other utilities. I buy food shopping each week wich can cost up to 100 pw for the 4 of us. I then pay the joint car insurance and any other bits kids need but never have money left, never spend anything on myself even if I needed clothes couldn't afford to. He says since we have moved in he's always overdrawn and I feel like he's being really harsh on me. I feel like crap already about not contributing as I want to so I feel at home but if I got another job we would have to pay childcare so I wouldn't even get 600 month I get now. He earns 400 a week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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