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ebay purchase-paying into bank account

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Fannycraddock79 Sun 14-Feb-16 15:17:10

I have just purchased something on eBay that was quite expensive £££s, not £s. So after communicating with seller, I am asked to pay into a bank account, and I will then get the telephone number of the lady who owns the item (she will be expecting my call) about picking it up. Now I thought that bank transfer were not the done thing on eBay and that PayPal should be used (for protection), does this sound right to you? It sounds as though they are selling on behalf of someone (they said they were downsizing), but now I feel a bit odd about the whole thing. I don't want to lose the item but it is 1.5 hr drive away so don't want to mess about. Any experts got any ideas? Wish I hadn't bothered now!

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 14-Feb-16 15:18:24

Don't bank transfer, you've got no protection at all. Pay via PayPal, they can transfer that to their bank account if they want too, so unless they're selling something dodgy, it makes no difference to them.

Quickchangeup Sun 14-Feb-16 15:19:57

Just say you will pay cash on collection. Safest option seeing as you are picking it up.

slebmum1 Sun 14-Feb-16 15:20:38

Nope I wouldn't so it. PayPal, or if you really have to, cash on collection. They probably don't want to pay the PayPal fees.

Fannycraddock79 Sun 14-Feb-16 15:21:16

Thankyou, that's what I always thought-I will pretend I forgot to see the bank details and pay into PayPal. Like you say, they can transfer out if they want to, but I'm not going to potentially lose that amount of money. I am being cautious as I think I have already annoyed them!

Fabellini Sun 14-Feb-16 15:22:21

One reason they might ask for a bank transfer would be if they were new to PayPal and eBay. I am, and recently had to wait a month for funds to clear after I sold something. Apparently it was because I hadn't ever sold anything before, but even after buyer received goods, and was happy with them, I was seen as untrustworthy.
I'm not going to lie, it did piss me off - the buyer had her lovely new handbag, left positive feedback, and I had nothing for a month!

Fannycraddock79 Sun 14-Feb-16 15:23:32

I don't think they are new, they have sold stuff 12 months ago and have 55 level feedback. I assumed it was their things they were selling and so now I feel a bit duped.

MrsPigling Sun 14-Feb-16 15:29:43

If I were selling something that was going to be collected in person, especially if £££, I'd not want to take Paypal. I've heard that fraudulent buyers have managed to get refunds as the seller cannot prove to Paypal / eBay's satisfaction that the item has been collected. Not that I'm saying you're fraudulent, but they don't know that do they?!

Cash on collection seems sensible for both parties, or Paypal for you are the buyer

Fannycraddock79 Sun 14-Feb-16 15:33:07

Well I'm happy to do cash on collection as I had heard that before. I'm also happy to sign a receipt on collection but I'm not happy to bank transfer which is what they've asked for. Especially when they aren't the owner or keeper.

CointreauVersial Sun 14-Feb-16 15:36:02

Cash on collection or PayPal. Stick to your guns.

CallieTorres Sun 14-Feb-16 15:36:04

maybe bank transfer through your phone when you are at their door with the item in your hand (size depending ofc)

Fannycraddock79 Sun 14-Feb-16 16:03:58

Thanks guys, I didn't say anything and have just transferred by PayPal. They have come back and said thanks. Could be that they wanted the money transferred directly to owner and that's why but I don't want to lose out so am going through PayPal as per the listing stated.

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