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hellsdells82 Tue 02-Feb-16 13:14:16

So last year the old couple moved out forced out of house cuz its too big and so this house was made availabe for the next tenant.
Last April i gave birth to stillborn son at 39wks. The neighbours moved out approx 8wks after this and approx 5wks later a new tenant moved in.
We were still very tired and grieving over the loss of our son. New neighbour (lets say NN) has 3 dogs, a couple of cats and thats perfectly fine. We also have 3 dogs and a cat. Only...our cat is an indoor cat amd my dogs are very very well trained.

From day one she has allowed her dogs to be a nuisance. She has already had dogs taken from her care due to neglect and allowing nuisance behaviour. This NN is well known for not taking full responsibility for her pets. One of her 3 dogs has been removed from her care approx 8wks after moving in as it was dumped on the back garden in its shit and piss and the poor thing just wanted to be let in. Numerous neighbours around us complained.
NN allows remaining dogs to bark all the time. She lets them out...they bark persistently till she comes out,shouts at them and lets them in. They bark even more. The door goes....dogs bark, she flushes a loo...dogs bark. If she has visitors she just allows them to bark...even when theres people trying to talk. These dogs bark.all.the.time!
We complained.the housing dealt with her and she made several atempts to speak to me about her dogs. They were getting trained, she was having someone to help her control them,with every apology came an even bigger excuse. Her daughter jas problems so its ok to allow dogs barking, shes disabled so its ok to allow dogs barking. I just refused point blank to even speak to the woman. Her persistant pestering and pointless apologies made our stress even worse. We just wanted to grieve in peace amd knew that was not going to happen.
Now she has got worse with noise. She is constantly banging walls and every door she goes through not just a few times a day she slams and bangs. Its rattling right through our house. (Semi detatched)

Her daughter keeps us awake till all hours of the night. Her dogs bark every time they slam a door.including during the night. Shes humg stupid rattling jingling things off her fekn washing line that jìngle all bleeding night. She hung some solar lights off the fence panel that seperates our garden...but despite the fact the fekn thing is broken and bangs against the fence all the time...shes done nothing to sort it. fence panel is one that leans against house so it rattles into my living room.

Argghhh... i am soo fed up of this noise. The housing gave us a crappy book to fill in but with only 2 small pages i cant fill it in quick enough....i would be writing a pissin novel for every time i filled one in.
Housing give NN little warnings that last a few days and shes back to normal.
Im not even going to mention to amount of dirty fag ends ive had dlicked over by my front door by NN's father. Yak!
Even my kids have come in to me during the night cuz theyve been woken up.

So... ive gone past the aibu bs, ive tried to be reasonable,ive tried to be sensible and go to housing, amd obviousley before she knocked on our door all those times i was happy to discuss. Seems nothing is working to shut her amd her fekn noise up.

MNers.... WWYD??

Ps... shes now got a parrot that im sure perfectly placed against our divinding wall and sqwarks day and night (1am 2am etc)

Sorry for long post and apologies if ive drip fed. Hozzy app now so will be back soon.

hellsdells82 Tue 02-Feb-16 13:17:08

Oops...fogot to dogs have barely made a sound despite all the noise from her house. However in last few months have started to react with minor huffs if the door goes or someone walks in the room for example...son walks in amd one huffs. Never done this before and all dogs are healthy vet checked and super spoilt.

OneMagnumisneverenough Tue 02-Feb-16 13:26:28

Honestly that sounds a nightmare, I think your only option is to move yourself. Sorry for your loss flowers sad

MaryPoppinsPenguins Tue 02-Feb-16 13:35:39

I would also move. That sounds like an awful situation flowers

OneMagnumisneverenough Tue 02-Feb-16 14:20:49

I know moving may not be as easy as it sounds, but given your multiple complaints and communications with Housing that should go in your favour in a request to be re-housed. Don't really know what else to suggest.

hellsdells82 Tue 02-Feb-16 19:32:54

Hi,back again.

Nt so easy to move as we own our house. NN was moved out of a bungalow in a small village before coming here. The bungalow was with a different housing association so this new one dont really know of any past problems. I dont normally go off hearsay but have been told by a large number of people close by she caused a nuisance to her neighbours there and basically the bungalow was trashed,dog poo/pee, general waste inside and trashed gardens (i do believe were shared).
I did have a mega hissy fit just before i lwft the house this afternoon and proceeded to slam 3 door a number of times whilst cursing about how im nothing like her as she slammed her doors just too many times.
DH is contacting the housing again tomorrow, they did say something about probationry housing for 12 months whatever that means,however i do t think they will boot her out in a hurry as she is disabled (not hugely but uses sticks to get about) but as much as i dont like the ignorant old bag woman i dont think they will find kicking her out as a good solution because of her disability.

Ahhh... home for a few moments and the noise begins... if only i drank lots of this wine wine but will have to settle for brew

StoorieHoose Tue 02-Feb-16 20:04:17

Feel your pain. Went through this with our last neighbour and we had got as far as getting the estate agents out with a view to sell up when she put her house on the market and thankfully it sold quickly!

It is not worth the heartache to live next to someone who is that antisocial so seriously look at selling up if the council can't make her toe the line

CoraPirbright Thu 04-Feb-16 18:23:38

You say that your other neighbours have also complained? I would get everyone together and complain in one big class action. And keep complaining, all of you, until her probationary period is rescinded. I don't give a toss that she walks with a stick - it doesn't give her the right to make your life a misery.

hellsdells82 Thu 04-Feb-16 20:58:43

Urh this woman didnt stop all day yesterday,im guessing she was out today as it was quiet for a couple hours. Didnt last long,someone knocked on the door and set those darn dogs off. Husbamd rang housing but the lady who deals with it wasnt in so been told to call back monday morn and gather more details over the how much do they want me write? tempted to only note down the times its quiet as theres alot less to note down
will also be giving the neighbours a nudge too,i know one was sooo pissed off with dogs before and didnt get an apology. Said neighbour is also quite ill atm so cant imagine its been any more pleasant for jwr to hear at her back door!

I am going to mention to hubby about getting a round up of people who will complain.
Really dont want to move?only been here for 15 months and we like it and get on with people just not NN and its not such a bad area to live in.

Bath and brew for me whilst enjoying the sweet sound of parrot sqwarks

CoraPirbright Fri 05-Feb-16 11:36:05

Re the note taking thing, how about finding a template of a diary online, printing it off and using highlighter pens - pink for dogs, orange for door slamming etc and then highlighting the bejaysus out of each page. To have it in blaring colours might bring it home to the housing people just how dire the situation is.

Foslady Sat 20-Feb-16 00:59:28

I know the witness diary's are a pain, but they are essential, otherwise the Housing Officer has no case, they need times/dates/what happened/how it made you feel so they can assess impact and have evidence of it all - especially if it ends up in court. Keep at it - the more evidence you have the stronger your case.

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