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Christening Drama

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SnookyWookyWooWoo Thu 28-Jan-16 22:20:02

Hoping for some advice - not a huge issue just not sure how to go forward with it.

Ok so my ds was christened when he was 9m old and we had 2 godfathers for him and one godmother. They were friends and one cousin. One of the reasons for this was because dh 'doesnt agree' with having very close family members as god parents. It would probably have been his sister as godmother and maybe my bro but dh wouldnt have it as he says they are already aunt and uncle and dont need another title.

So last year my db and his gf decided to get their ds christened, but chose me and dh to be godparents along with some other family members from other side. Was a lovely honour to be asked and a fab day.

Now would like to have a christening for my dd but worried that we will offend people by not asking them to be godparents (I know this is a bit silly but dont know how db and his now fiance will feel if we dont choose them). I would like to have my brother and dh's sis but would probably wind up my db's fiance if she wasnt asked - and we already have a very sketchy relationship after a previous argument.

Dont really want to have to pick my dd's godparents carefully so as not to upset others - I feel it should be the closest people to her who will help follow the right path, not a tit-for-tat gesture. Plus it would pain me to ask someone who I have such a rocky relationship with - what if she disappears out of our lives?

Don't really have anyone else Id want to ask - and I know someone will end up annoyed. Thinking whether to just not have her christened but dont feel like she should miss out because of this stupidity.

Should I not have her christened? Should I choose whoever we want and accept the consequences? So confused confused

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