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Cannabis possibly dealing primary school!

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Johnniesbitch Fri 22-Jan-16 10:43:45

So since we returned to school after the Christmas break on a few occasions I have smelt weed/cannabis/wacky bacci whatever you want to call it at school pick up time.

I've looked around and couldn't see anyone smoking anything. There is the caretakers house basically in the car park, then on he other side of the car park, gardens backing on from a small row of terraced houses. across the road is a big open playing field. Couldn't see anyone at all smoking.

its happened a few times since, and I've never seen anyone smoking. I mentioned it to dh one evening when we were in the kitchen and 18yr old ds1 as there, ds1 pipes up, yeah, ** deals from the caretakers house, didn't you know? Uh no of course not. Asked him how he knew and he said a few friends had gone there to buy weed and he had gone along with them! (I'm not totally naïve, we have had the talk about drugs etc)

Now my question is wwyd? Would you speak to the school office? Local special police officer? I have no evidence and no one else seems to have smelt it. This is a primary school so reception, infants and juniors. In the middle of a fairly nice area, not that that bit is especially relevant.

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