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so confused dont know what to do

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babietee123 Thu 21-Jan-16 15:48:58

i started a part time course in my local collage in beauty therapy in sept and the tutor we initially had was great but he got a new job so we have a new girl shes nice enough ive been to 2 classes with her teaching them and i am starting to really resent going
first thingwas when the first tutor gave out assigments he just got you to fix any mistake by writing on opposite page
with her we have to type enitre assignment (i dont have a printer so have to do in local libray were i am actually at now ) i have 3 kids under 6 so finding peace to get to libray is a night mare i asked could i just do what previous tutor had done she said no i am now very late with assignment and am tempted to hand the orginal back in coz i know it would have passed him
next thing was last week she sprung for everyone to buy this great value make up kit at 120 ....ummm wait till i pull it out of my ass ....i loved this course and saved all last year for kit and so on but really feel like just leaving

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