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Gym stopped taking my direct debit payments and appears to be closed down.

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CinnamonBunYou Tue 05-Jan-16 12:59:40

Signed up to a gym last year in April for a year's contract. Only went for a month because I struggled to find childcare and could no longer go. I still paid my monthly direct debit because I signed a contract and didn't want to get into arrears or whatever.

Last month and this month they haven't taken a payment out of my bank. I've tried ringing but no one answers and I walked past this morning and thought I would call in and talk to them but it was shut and I've just walked past now on my lunch and it was still shut. I walk past it everyday but I've not noticed until today whether it was open or not. I'm assuming it's closed down but there were no signs or anything and I had a look online and couldn't find anything.

I probably sound like a right moron, but I'm worried now about getting into debt with them. I have put aside the money they usually take just in case they do contact me and want it so I'm not bothered about paying them the money, I just don't want it passed onto a debt collection agency or for it to affect my credit score.

Any advice would be appreciated smile

OnTheSunnySide Tue 05-Jan-16 13:02:51

just cancel your direct debit.

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