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No, I'm not pregnant again, it's a food baby, so STOP ASKING! AAAAAAAARGH!

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PurpleTreeFrog Mon 04-Jan-16 14:11:28

Fed up.

I'm 5'3", weigh 8 or 9 stone, a size 8/10, and I've always had a pot belly when I eat, even back when I weighed 6 6tone age 16!

But now I had a baby 18 months ago, still fairly slim but have a slightly wobblier belly.

I am FED UP with being asked if I'm pregnant again, sometimes accompanied by a poke or pat on my belly!

I don't know how to shut these comments down without being totally rude. It's usually people like my dad, my best friend, etc - they mean well, and they think we're close enough that they can say anything they want. But I find it quite hurtful and makes me very self conscious. People at work must be thinking I'm pregnant too!

Just when I was starting to become happy with my looks, one of my best friends said it again the other day, in front of 2 other friends. I found it embarrassing and annoying. Please let these comments stop! angry

I just replied meekly saying "no, I'm definitely not pregnant, I've not even put on weight, its literally just food". She didnt even believe me and thought I'm either pregnant or flabby.

Next time, I want to reply more harshly without overreacting. The last thing I want is stupid comments about being grumpy and hormonal! So I need a polite yet curt response...


FadedRed Mon 04-Jan-16 14:19:43

Well it is being rude to say that to you. Maybe the MN classic response of <faint smile, head tilt> "Did you mean to sound so rude?" Followed by "When I am expecting my next baby, then I'll tell you.--why don't you get rid of that ugly wart/have a facelift/shut the fuck up--".

FadedRed Mon 04-Jan-16 14:21:28

Strikethrough fail. Maybe don't react by insulting them, however tempting! especially if they're your Dad! grin

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