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Should I say/do anything about my uncle's driving

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motheroreily Mon 28-Dec-15 13:25:32

I would like to start by saying I am not an ageist person and I know statistically younger people are more likely to be involved in accidents than older people (or something like that!) and I also accept my uncle has probably never been the best driver. I am also a careful driver and maybe a bit more nervous. However .....

He is in his mid 70s. Today he drove me somewhere. He was going above the speed limit, not majorly but going 35/40 in 30 mph zone and I just felt he wasn't aware of the road eg stopping at last min etc.

We were on some country roads and there were lots of cyclists. Again I know this can be hard, you have to choose a moment to overtake when you aren't on a blind corner etc (but that is part of driving).

Anyway we can to a cross roads and he went into the back of a cyclist. He didn't damage the bike and just had a scratch on his car but it really shook me up. Then another cyclist behind him started shouting because he neatly rolled back into her (she was behind him).

I don't know if I'm overacting but I was so shaken. I don't know if I should say/do anything? What if next time he hurts someone or worse?

Arfarfanarf Mon 28-Dec-15 13:29:06

You really should raise it with him.
If he wont listen then raise it with his gp.
It isnt agist to say that sometimes age can affect driving, its just the truth! Sometimes reflexes can slow, driving can become more difficult. It isnt an insult to the person it is purely about safety.
My grandad realised that it was time to stop driving. It massively inconvenienced him and my grandma but they were very sensible and recognised that he was not going to remain safe.

motheroreily Mon 28-Dec-15 15:03:19

Thank you, I don't know if it was a one off or if I'm overreacting. I will talk to him and perhaps my aunt (his sister). As I say it might be nothing to do with his age but I felt very on edge in the car and then he rolled into the cyclist, I was more shaken than the cyclist.

I love my uncle but really don't want him to hurt anyone.

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