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Talking before meeting...hes gone quiet. Wwyd

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Sonicandknuckles Mon 21-Dec-15 15:42:38

There is a man i met on a dating site. We have yet to meet due to work and general life...especially run up to christmas. We have both said we would like to and that we will.
The conversations have become quite minimal to the point im wondering if he has lost interest. But he texts every morning when he wakes up.

Sometimes conversations can flow, other times they come to an abrupt halt.

Im not fussed either way, but part of me wonders if he thinks i am losing interest. Yet i dont want to message him for minimal conversation to take place (as has happened a few times now) and for me to think hes not interested.

Him texting me daily every morning is confusing the hell out of me though.

Supermanspants Sat 02-Jan-16 17:19:48

Trying to conduct long conversations by text can be time consuming and boring/exhausting for some people. Some people also place way too much importance on text messaging and end up over analysing.
Ring him and suggest a meet up within the next week or so. See how he responds.

lighteningirl Sat 02-Jan-16 18:47:56

Walk away he's waking up probably horny and texting you then you drop down his priorities a man really interested in you would be wanting to have conversations, would be ringing you and arranging to meet you.

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