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Should I make a complaint to the police about this incident...

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violettahatesoperatta Fri 18-Dec-15 10:16:13

Last week on the afternoon school run, the kids and I went looking for a Xmas tree. After driving a couple of miles down a country road I gave up. I pulled into the drive to a field so off the main carriage way and turned it round. Sat on the road was a police car which was completely invisible from the road.

As I turned back onto the main road, they began to follow me. I watched them do this so was exquisitely careful in my driving.

They followed me into the car park of the local shop and blocked me in. I got out and asked them what the matter was.

'Brake light out Madam, both.'

Very odd! Now OK I hadn't noticed that, no one had flashed me or drawn attention to that. He asked me to turn the ignition on.

Now this is where I did stupid. I fucking well KNOW that brakes lights don't turn on that way. So of course when I went to the rear, the brake lights weren't on. But I guess I was wondering if he was going to book me or something and with all the hassle I've been having lately I didn't think to do the obvious; ask him to put his foot on the brake and for me to check the rear.

He then lectured me about checking the condition of my car before starting to drive and even pointed me to the local garage to get them checked. They then left me.

Of course, suffice it say that when I checked again later to replace them; all the lights on my car were in perfect working order! And I had no fault lights on the dash.

I've been thinking about this and I'm actually really fucking pissed about it. My Dad then told me a story that he too had been pulled over at night. This one was headlights out of alignment. Now in this case the officer came really close to him to smell his breath before leaning over the edge of the car and saying 'Sorry my mistake Sir'.

You see, if they had told me they were pulling me over for a random alcohol check I could take that. It's the deception and outright lies they told me which have really rankled. And it's just not nice being pulled by the police and the kids were in the car.

I understand the police have the power to 'stop and search' but surely if they have that power then they have no need to lie. Then make up all that crap about going to the garage.

What is the legality of this situation. Is it worth making a complaint?

MissFitt68 Fri 18-Dec-15 10:20:33

It used to be you couldn't say the reason was to check for signs of alcohol

You need another reason to pull over a vehicle, unless it's part of a fully set up campaign

violettahatesoperatta Fri 18-Dec-15 10:26:40

I had it pointed out that the U turn might have spooked them into thinking I had something to hide.

Perhaps.. but why lie?

Dipankrispaneven Mon 21-Dec-15 09:01:28

I would suggest that you complain. This is harassment and is a total waste of police time. You could also point out that by blocking you in they were guilty of illegal parking.

hmcReborn Mon 21-Dec-15 09:05:02

Its annoying - but complain, really?

I'd let it go - unless they had been particularly abrasive and offensive, whereas it sounds as if they were civil?

ggirl Mon 21-Dec-15 09:12:54

I wouldn't bother complaining . Maybe tweet to your local constabulary about it

Lilmisskittykat Tue 22-Dec-15 22:46:41

You shouldn't complain, they have a job to do (thankless one at that)

You acted dogs with you u turn ... They did their job... You got a warning for something you feel wasn't justified but didn't check at the time and now can't prove (we have a car you just banged the bonnet when front light went off)

Why would you want to mix a bottle for someone out there doing a job checking for drink drivers and preventing crime ? I don't understand

vestandknickers Tue 22-Dec-15 22:55:09

They were doing their job.

It was a bit irritating for you.

What exactly are you planning to complain about?

I love the idea of exquisitely careful driving by the way grin

controllfreak Tue 12-Jan-16 20:37:16

Just a ridiculous waste of time. Equally it would be a waste of time to complain- but it would definitely make you feel better.

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