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Im having issues with a neighbor, WWYD

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stacyshoes Tue 08-Dec-15 19:07:56

Just some background, sorry its long but i would appreciate advice.

when i first moved in everything seemed fine expect he fact he would do (to me) weird things like when he came in from work he would ring my doorbell like to pretend he was an outsider, then let himself in and knock on my flat door.
he would knock about 10 times before going away and i heard him say before "for fuck sake"
when i found out what he wanted it wasnt anything important, i actually came to realise it was just him eager to find out information about me.
I had a very brief convo with him when i was just letting him know who i am what i do ect and i did mention there is no soundproofing in here but didnt go into detail,i was hoping he would take the hint tbh.

its rare i see him but when i did i said hello, i pick up his letters and put them on the table.
as time past i felt like he was stomping on purpose, dropping things on purpose ect, it sounded very excessive. I hadnt done anything to him so i thought maybe its in my head. I hadnt seen him either, i do rarely see him.

One time someone rang my doorbell. he came downstairs so we were both in the communal area, i said hello to him and he ignored me and he weirdly stood behind me when i was signing for my parcel.

I actually realized he was telling his guest to use my doorbell as his didnt work. So i changed my doorbell to one i can control from a plug and that wasnt so loud.
he does still use my doorbell so i just unplug if im not expecting anyone.

he is a stomper, slams doors, He walks around in shoes and runs up the stairs, he is over weight. (im not being rude by saying this please dont be offended)
i decided i cannot take it anymore and i made a complaint to the council, my god though when he received that letter he came banging down my door, he knocked and rang my doorbell about 20 times.
I didnt answer the door as it actually woke me up, it was 7pm but im pregnant.
and he sounded really aggressive. He honestly sounded like a debt collector or police trying to get into my flat. My own family dont knock on my door like that.

the next day i complained to the Council and was told the manager spoke to him and he just wanted to know what my issue is. I said to them well he knows the issue as its in the letter and either way he has no right to be banging down my door like that, i could of been doing anything.

he was quiet from around two days but he has started up again, he randomly started banging on the floor about 10 times in a row the other day.

the council are investigating it and also because i suspect he may have laminate flooring. They asked me to have a chat with him but i feel scared now.
Im 21 yrs old and he is around 50 yrs

I know i probably should have spoken to him first but i have done this in the past about a neighbors music and i was abused, in fact this is why i moved to this place and complaining about music is more validated then walking. I have a history of DV and social anxiety.

he also said to the manager about he has been here 10years so i feel he has this self entitlement attitude, i also feel like this because of the fact he thinks its ok for his guest to use my doorbell because he cannot be bothered to get his fixed.
and he told me this flat has been vacant for years and the last tenant was a deaf old woman so there wouldnt be any complaints.

maybe im just wrong? how would you deal with this?

stacyshoes Tue 08-Dec-15 19:16:09

there is a man who lives below me as well who made a complaint to the council about me when i first moved in (which was justfied) as i had no flooring, i got the letter and laid underlay with carpet and i still say hello to him and didnt even mention it to him.
I kind of thought this is how adults behave or maybe im wrong?
I dont see the point in confronting someone who made a complaint about you.

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