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would you say something?

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bumblebeerat Tue 01-Dec-15 03:47:36

I'm due to leave my current employer in a couple of weeks so not sure what to do.

I work nights at a home and a couple of nights ago I went over to the unit my team leader was on to give some paperwork to him. He was asleep (not meant to be) and on the TV was two naked women dancing with each other. I thought it must be some random middle of the night thing on TV so just put the paperwork down and went back to my unit.

Tonight I take the paperwork over again team leader was awake, one of the residents is standing near the door looking awquard so I say hi to her and on the TV is two women kneeling down in front of a man all of whom are naked. The team leader just took the papers off me and told the lady to go back to bed then carried on watching the TV.

I'm not sure if I'm being a bit of a prude (I am pretty prudish about nakedness) or is this a bit weird and should I mention anything to the home manager? The thing that stops me saying anything to her is last time I reported him for sleeping she told him I had said something and he shouted at me. Is it worth just ignoring it as I'm leaving soon? It just seems a bit wrong to be watching that sort of thing at work.

Blueberry234 Tue 01-Dec-15 04:01:31

I would say something, totally inappropriate

Toughasoldboots Tue 01-Dec-15 04:15:38

Just report to the CQC, sounds as if the home don't care much.

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