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Contributions (or not) for teacher getting married

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MyFriendsCallMeOh Sun 29-Nov-15 03:56:56

I am class rep for dad's year 2 class in an international school overseas. Her lovely teacher is getting married over the Christmas holidays. Obviously I can arrange for the class to sign a card for her but I can't ask for contributions towards a gift that are anything but voluntary. No problem, but then the parents who contribute get a bit miffed about a gift that not everyone has contributed towards iyswim. Can I just include the names of people who have contributed towards the gift on the tag? Is there a solution? Such a petty situation but a minefield! The other solution is for everyone to give their own gifts but it works out much more expensive for everyone and she will end up with several smaller gifts.....

ilovesooty Sun 29-Nov-15 05:10:23

I don't see why a card isn't sufficient.

If people want to buy gifts they can do it independently.

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