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Temper tantrums from 1year old!

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Natbailey2015 Mon 23-Nov-15 18:26:23

Hi there!!
I am need or reassurance and tips on how to stop my daughter having these terrible temper tantrums!
My Hettie is 1year 4months old and has these terrible tantrums! Hitting her head on the floor ( and I mean full blown head banging on the kitchen floor!) ouch! I know! confused
Is there anyone else that is suffering with this issue with there little one?? Kinda hoping she will grow out of it. Not sure whether to go to doctors about this?
She does it for no reason sometimes!!


Strangertides1 Mon 23-Nov-15 20:57:29

I have a 3.8 yr & a 21month old. Sadly it's normal. My youngest had just stopped the head banging and is now hitting or pushing me to get attention. Trantums now involve hitting, throwing and lieing down screaming. There's are 3 things I do: firstly pick him up and put him in a safe place if he's throwing himself in the floor or pushing me when am cooking! And secondly: get to his level and say 'no, naughty behaviour' and then ignore it until it's over! This is what I've learnt through going through it with our first. I've also learn, buckle up and hold on tight, if you're lucky 3.5yrs and you'll be outta the woods grin

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