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Child Modeling. Are you for or against?

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NursePlum Fri 20-Nov-15 16:33:52

So we're all guilty of thinking our child is the most stunning and beautiful being to grace our planet and our lives right?
I'm not going to lie. My child is gorgeous. She's my baby. Of course she's going to be gorgeous to me.
So when your approached by a child modelling agency who really wants to have her on their books, it's flattering, it's lovely but is it right?

With the curliest of hair, brightest blue eyes and a smile to die for, I know my daughter is a cutie but I'm not one of these mums who really puts it out there and splashes it out.
So reluctantly I've agreed to a test shoot for the agency but I'm quite apprehensive. My partner is really keen to take it forward. And the agency are keen, they've made that clear, but I don't want this to become something that gets completely out of hand and I would never see it go to her head. She's 5 for goodness sake.

I've done my research, I've had a good look around at how things work in this industry and I feel pretty prepared.

So mums? What do you think? Is it healthy to expose them to this industry? Would you do it? And if you have experienced it already, then what tips would you have for a Mum like me who's just starting out with this?

Thank you!
Plum X

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