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With brother who doesn't seem to try

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hufflebottom Wed 18-Nov-15 13:31:30

Long story: both me and db have moved out of home. Me with my dd and another on the way-about an hour away
Him-moved into the place he works a few hours away

I chat to the parents regularly and go to see them once a week.
Db makes no effort to call or visit (understandable he lives a distance and doesn't drive).

Lately he just seems to come up with excuse after excuse as to why he won't call the parents, why he hasn't got a date for his army selection (which he's been trying for the 4 years). Before he left my parents house he trashed his room, left rotten food in there, didn't air the room so there was mould on the walls. He's just seems to have turned his back on everyone.

DM is getting upset that he doesn't call and df is getting wound up. I'm getting fed up with the moaning from them when he doesn't call or answer messages. But he'll answer mine?!?! hmm

Should I now tell them and him I've had enough of being the middle man?
Or should I just get on with it and just find out the information from him and relay it to my parents?

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