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Feeling creeped out about builders next door - WWYD?

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Ginandcolic Tue 10-Nov-15 14:18:23


I am freaking out about a situation with the builders next door and could do with some advice to calm me down. FYI I have solicitors through my buildings insurance who will be calling me this PM to discuss it too.

The siutation is this: last month, next door's builders basically came through the party wall. They had not issued a notice of works or applied for a party wall agreement. After some initially faff, they have agreed to pay for repairs.

So I thought that was all OK (apart from the annoyance at having to have building works in my house as a result of their incompetence).

They also paid for a CCTV chimney survey as the damage was near the chimney. This happened yesterday and we found out that:

1. In one area, they had completely removed and rebuilt the party wall which was the back of my chimney flue without telling us or checking we were OK with this.

2. While they were taking down the party wall, they damaged the inside of my chimney breast. ie the bit of the wall that is actually totally inside my house. Some bricks fell out (were knocked out?) and the builders have recemented them in. Again, we were not told about this nor given the chance to inspect the repair work.

I feel totally creeped out by this because:

- While the party wall was down (for who knows how long), the builders were, in effect, in my property as they were damaging and repairing my wall without my knowledge or consent

- During this time, the only thing between my family and the builders was an internal wall with a vent brick in it (in the blocked off fireplace / chimney). This means they could have heard and seen lord knows what.

- The room involved is my study and DD's play room so they could have overheard and / or seen DD (3yo) playing and / or changing and they could have overheard me discussing commercially sensitive information with my clients. (Obviously at different times, I don't take calls while looking after DD).

TBH I am less bothered about my phone calls being overheard as they are mostly very dull.

I am totally disgusted by the fact that who knows who could have overheard / overseen DD playing in her own home.

I am furious because if they had just told me, I would have been pissed off but I would have moved DD and my calls to a different room and avoided what feels to me like a huge invasion of my family's privacy.

AIBU to feel like this?

Should I run this past the solicitors or will I just sound like an hysterical nutcase?

NB The GP has me on beta blockers already as the whole thing has been so stressful so I totally understand if you think I am being over the top, but please be kind if you want to tell me I am a total loon who just needs to get over it.

Thanks in advance and apologies for typos!


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