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Pancake2015 Sun 01-Nov-15 18:15:35

There was a man i got on with a while ago. We hit it off quite well and were friends for a while. He tried a few times to take it further than just friends but i wasnt ready.
I met someone else and got with them a little later down the line.
My friend called me one night when my boyfriend was there and he asked me to delete him. I did...

Now im no longer in a relationship (havent been for quite some time), my mind keeps wandering back to the what ifs. I regret deleting him, i regret not taking things further with him.
But now i dont know how or if i even should try and strike things up with him. We have no mutual friends, so using that he 'popped' up in friend suggestions on facebook is not going to work.

The thing is this was about 6 years ago when i cut ties with him.

What would you do?

holeinmyheart Sun 01-Nov-15 19:10:08

I think life is to short, so go for it. What have you got to lose? There will be a slight humiliation if he blanks you but no one else need know.
If he is keen he will respond, if not he won't , sooo go ahead and contact him.
Just take it slowly and don't appear too needy.

I hope that it works out this time.

Pancake2015 Sun 01-Nov-15 19:17:39

Thanks. I bit the bullet and sent a friend request. He accepted, then deleted. I dont understand why he would accept just to delete?
I thought maybe to get rid of the friend request notifcation but you can click no to not accept, cant you?

I feel like adding again haha but i wouldnt.
Little disheartened, but hey ho at least i tried. At least i wasnt blocked

holeinmyheart Sun 01-Nov-15 20:25:14

Oh dear, well never mind at least he thought about it, even if it wasn't for long.
If it was me and I was blown off six years ago..... It would be tempting to do the same.
Now, you have to forget about him and move on to pastures new. There are thousands of blokes out there waiting for you! .....

Trills Sun 01-Nov-15 20:34:50

My friend called me one night when my boyfriend was there and he asked me to delete him.

Who called you and who asked you to delete who?

You boyfriend asked you to delete the number of your male friend?

That sounds like a crap boyfriend, you are well rid of that one.

Pancake2015 Sun 01-Nov-15 21:05:35

Yep i cant really blame him for not wanting to speak to me. I wish i knew why he added me and then deleted me. Nevermind, i guess i will never know.

It was my male friend who called and my boyfriend told me to delete him. Yes i agree, he was and i am well rid of him.

Milkand2sugarsplease Sun 01-Nov-15 21:39:49

At risk of everyone completely disagreeing here but could you send him a message on FB? Not a catty 'why did you accept but then delete' message but an honest (obvs not pouring your heart and all the details message) easy going message?? Worth one ore shot??

Pancake2015 Sun 01-Nov-15 21:42:55

Welll...i did try that haha. I pretended i didnt know of him deleting me since he did accept at first. I sent a little hey how are you. Its been a while now, and its still just 'sent'. Im guessing he has just deleted it without even opening lol.
I now wish i had put a little bit more text in it but nevermind

Milkand2sugarsplease Sun 01-Nov-15 21:59:41

Haha!! Fellow stalker...!!

It may be that it's gone to his 'other' folder which can only be accessed on a computer rather than smartphone so it's not necessarily that he's deleted it. Which, I'm fully aware doesn't help you right now!!!

Pancake2015 Sun 01-Nov-15 22:09:51

Lol. So he may never know i messaged.
Might be a good thing since he deleted me.

tma1968 Mon 16-Nov-15 00:21:49

Possibly he's in a relationship and SHE said get her deleted lol...or maybe you hurt him and he just doesn't want to go back there. If you didn't like him enough to go out with him 6 yrs ago I'm not sure why you think you'd like him more now? Is it just that you've no one else on the go at the min and he was ok? (We've all done it!!) Plenty more fish in the same I say smile

VulcanWoman Mon 16-Nov-15 00:31:08

Good on you for trying at least.

Epilepsyhelp Mon 16-Nov-15 00:38:04

Do you know that he's single? If he's not he may have accepted you then thought, hmm probably shouldn't..

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