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dating an older man

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Katrina1000 Wed 28-Oct-15 16:06:09

So I met this guy a few months back and we have really hit it off. Not a day goes by that he doesn't talk to me, he likes taking me out, and we have so much in common! The downside is that he is 18 years older than me. Being honest, I'm 19 but I'm tired of the guys that just want to get you into bed. I have traveled/performed all over europe and am successful enough that I'm building my house, so I feel ready to settle down. My parents are in their 60s and are ok with it as long as he makes me happy. However, I live in a small town and the ladies love to gossip. So I'm wondering if I should stay with him? Is the age difference a big deal?

mamabambi21 Sat 31-Oct-15 13:47:25

My aunt and her fiance have a 20 year age gap, her being the eldest, they have a beautiful son who is nearly eleven and are very happy together. You're both adults sp age doesn't matter, the state of the relationship is what matters, if you want to give a relationship with him a go then do it. Screw the gossip, you'll never keep everyone happy so just focus on what makes you happy, you're not hurting anyone (I'm assuming older guy is single) so you can do what you want. Good luck smile

Ragwort Sat 31-Oct-15 14:28:57

I would take it very slowly, do you need to marry/live with him? If you are building your own house that is a great achievement, enjoy living on your own for a while. You are only 19 and that is very young to 'settle down'.

Nothing wrong with falling in love with an older guy, but has he been married before? Does he have children? Just be aware of the whole situation.

My friend married an older man, with children the same age as her, they went on to have children of their own and did have a very happy marriage but she ended up being his carer for many years her 'middle aged years' were very restricted ........... I know that can happen in any relationship but it is something to consider if you are marrying someone much older.

wuckfit Mon 23-Nov-15 14:49:58

I'm 25 my 'manfriend' (can't call him boyfriend it's just not right!) is 49 been seeing him for over a year, I am aware it won't be forever but am enjoying it so why end it??

He also has children my age, aslong as you are happy who cares what people you hardly know think??

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