do I owe this woman an apology?

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Bjornstar Thu 22-Oct-15 12:19:55

I took a friend to a gym class and we got out our apparatus and put our drinks to edge of the room. While we were doing this, a woman came along and put her bag on our stuff and then left, to get a drink presumably. Without thinking, I moved her bag and put it on the nearby bench and stood in position ready to start the class, when the woman came back in and gave me such a glare it nearly knocked me over. I just carried on with the class.

I know I was out of order for moving her things without an explanation. I don't want bad feelings. When I go to the class next, shall I just say I am sorry I moved your bag, I don't know why I did that. Or just leave it?

Minor issue but feedback appreciated.


pictish Thu 22-Oct-15 12:21:41

Err nah. Wouldn't worry abut it.

QOD Thu 22-Oct-15 12:22:33

Leave it. She put her bag in your stuff!

A GET ORF MOI LAND type réaction is.perfectly normal

To me grin

Bjornstar Thu 22-Oct-15 12:23:35

Lol, thank you wink

MackerelOfFact Thu 22-Oct-15 12:23:53

I wouldn't give it a second thought, she shouldn't have put it on top of your stuff! If she says anything just tell her you were worried your drinks would leak on it or something.

Bjornstar Thu 22-Oct-15 12:27:31

Well to be fair she probably hadn't realised we reserved it.

FanjoForTheMammaries Thu 22-Oct-15 12:27:55

She sounds like an arse.

SurlyCue Thu 22-Oct-15 12:29:57

Nope, no apology. I dont get why she put her bag on someone else's stuff? confused

MagicDucky Thu 22-Oct-15 12:30:42

No apology needed she was being silly. Maybe she was just having a bad day?

MelanieCheeks Thu 22-Oct-15 12:32:20

When you say "your stuff" do you mean like the steps and weights, equipment for the class? ie it wouldn't have been clear that it was "yours"?

LittleRedSparke Thu 22-Oct-15 12:39:21

do you mean she put her stuff on the mat you put down to use?

Bjornstar Thu 22-Oct-15 12:39:53

Yes it wasn't clear as it was just a punch bag so she probably thought the instructor got it out. She probably thinks I nicked her stuff!

HunterHearstHelmsley Thu 22-Oct-15 12:42:56

If she's a regular she'll know to get her own equipment!

RitaConnors Thu 22-Oct-15 12:43:50

That's why it's best to have a wee on any punch bags you leave lying around. Mark your territory.

Bjornstar Thu 22-Oct-15 12:44:47

Yes she is a regular. Was quite funny though as I saw her whispering to her daughter what I had done. And then she smacked the punch bag while looking at me. I Think the friend I was with was (who is a new friend) was thinking me quite assertive!

Bjornstar Thu 22-Oct-15 12:49:34

Ha ha Rita!

Collaborate Thu 22-Oct-15 12:52:13

"I knew I was out of order"

Why did you think this? She's bonkers. You don't place your bag on top of other people's things. You were right to move it. YABU to think of apologising. If you must speak to her, ask her why she appeared hostile to you after you moved her bag off your things.

Bjornstar Thu 22-Oct-15 12:54:28

Well I should have left it for her to move and invited her to join us on the bag. I thought it was unsisterly of me.
Hope my friend didn't think I was a bitch!

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