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Where to Live in Exeter

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Peckhamum Wed 26-Aug-15 10:03:02

We are looking to move from London to Exeter with our two small children. We do not know Exeter and would welcome any advice on good areas for family life, schools etc. We've had a little look at Topsham (hubby would like to be by the water) and St Leonard's, both seem very popular (and pricey!). Would anyone recommend these places or advice anywhere else we should look, we would consider Central or surrounding areas.

Onedaftmonkey Mon 18-Apr-16 23:25:56

I know its probably too late but if you want a lovely area to live. Kings Heath. Quiet. Next to decent public transport to town centre/ hospital and the beautiful train line down to Exmouth. Or the new very eco friendly Cranbrok. Good luck. Exeter is a cracking place to live smile

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