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Continue or finish it?

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cleoteacher Wed 19-Aug-15 22:20:50

Been potty training ds for a month. He was 2.7 when we started.

Right from the start he was pretty much dry at home and has only had a handful of accidents since the beginning. He uses his potty at times but prefers the toilet and will go on his own when I am there or not so he knows the feeling when he needs a poo or wee. He knows his wees and poos go in the toilet and we have talked about the feeling you get when you need the toilet. I have been praising him lots when he goes or when I take him and he doesn't go and giving him smarties. He was also getting a Thomas train when the pack of smarties ran out.

I was hoping to wean him off the smarties and give them to him for no accidents and a Thomas train for a few days with no accidents. However, he is terrible when we are out. I stayed in for the first couple of weeks of the training so wrongly thought we had creaked it.

He can go a couple of days with no accidents when we are in or out but only if I am constantly reminding him about going to the toilet and taking him every hour when out. I was taking the potty with me but recently have just been taking him to the toilet or letting him go on the grass as he prefers that and it's less of a battle than trying to get him on the potty. He automatically says he doesn't need the toilet when I ask but will then wet/poo himself 5 minutes later. He comes and tells me when he's had an accident so he knows it's wrong and doesn't like it. I think he is getting distracted when we re out and doesn't want to go to the toilet as he's having too much fun. Most of the time getting him to go to the toilet when out is a battle unless he goes on the grass which he really enjoys! But that's not
possible all the time.

I don't know whether to put him back in nappies (which he says he doesn't want to wear) or to keep going. We are so far down the road now and he's so good at home I don't want to confuse him but I am finding it too stressful and get angry when we are out.

I find myself getting really cross and ranting at him when he has an accident when we re out. Then feeling really bad. I just find the whole going out thing really stressful as I have a newborn too. I know this is wrong and it's making going to the toilet a negative thing but I can't understand why he's so fantastic at home but can't do the same when out! Today at soft play he had three accidents even after being talked to extensively after the first one and When he was sat right next to me eating lunch so could have told me he needed it.

cleoteacher Wed 19-Aug-15 22:25:06

Ps- we went on holiday last week and during that time everything went to pot! But since we ve been back , 3 days, he's been ok at home but has had a few accidents which he wasn't having before.

Plus before we went on holiday he was getting there when out and would tell me he needed it and go in potty/toilet/grass between the times of me getting him to try.

scarletforya Wed 19-Aug-15 22:25:30

I wouldn't be relying on him to tell you when he needs to go. Just bring him. All kids deny they need to go and then wet/poo minutes later!

Also don't put him back in nappies, you'll just have to go through this again. Keep trying! I feel for you with a newborn!

You're doing ok!

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