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Fell out with sister!

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Drmum83 Sat 15-Aug-15 18:05:52

So... Had a falling out with my sister. I have a 7 month old girl (my sis is childless and nowhere near wanting a sprog) who my sister adores.
My sis requests I send almost daily pics and videos of my DD to her as we don't live close by. I don't mind this, I love that she loves my DD.
Unfortunately, however, she is increasingly adding said photos and vids to Facebook . The odd one is fine, I really don't mind, esp ones of her and DD when she visits. Now it's an almost daily occurrence and the comments she receives on Facebook seem to spur her on to add more.
Last night she asked if she could add a video I'd sent. I said 'no, rather you didn't' but she went ahead anyway and when I challenged her, she had a go at me and said im overreacting. DH also agrees with me.( I must add, my sis is quite emotionally immature, enjoys drama and the like)
My DH reckons we stop sending pics etc but I want my DD to be close to her aunt. We lost my mum when I was heavily pregnant and I want DD to grow up around close family.
What do I do? Stop sending pics?! Seems like only option at mo as being open with her about my reasoning has gotten me nowhere!

VulcanWoman Sat 15-Aug-15 18:14:04

I think she's lost her photo updated privileges. She totally went against your request not to post the photo's. I wouldn't fall out though, hopefully she matures a bit, sooner rather than later.

Drmum83 Sat 15-Aug-15 21:48:06

Thanks Vulcan, I think no more photos until I've sat down with her and had serious chat about my feelings...
Does anyone have any good reasons to give as to why I don't want pics on fb? I realize that sounds ridiculous, my main concern is that hundreds of ppl who I don't really know will see private home videos of my child, but my sis doesn't see that as a problem.. anyone got any anecdotes of problems with Facebook posting I can spout?!

FundamentalistQuaker Sat 15-Aug-15 21:52:11

It's an invasion of privacy. You don't want family memories being offered up for all and sundry to comment on.

People take them and use them however they want. You don't want to find out your child is famous across China because of the ad for worming tablets she stars in. Or that she is being used as a cruel gif all across reddit. Or passed off as some online scammer of lonely heart's daughter he never sees because of his evil ex etc etc.

Vatersay Sat 15-Aug-15 21:53:45

Drmum one of the wonderful things about being parents is that you (and your DH of course) make all the decisions about your child - you don't have to make excuses or give explanations, or even be consistent. She's your child and you said no FB. That's it.

Tell sister that she can only have photos or videos if she promises not to put them on social media. One strike and that's it - no more pictures.

you are in the position of power in this dynamic. Your sister genuinely adores your DD? She's not going to risk the relationship for the sake of her FB feed.

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