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Should we move to Dorking?

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tomoveornotomove Sat 15-Aug-15 08:11:17

Hello all - we are a two mum family currently living in southwest london. We have a three year old who is going to start school next year and a toddler. For schools and house space we are contemplating moving to the Dorking area, but are wondering if we are going to be the only gays in the village ??
We quite like living in a diverse area in general, so are wondering about the general feel of the place. The reasons we have thought about Dorking a) good schools (we know about the secondary situation but would also welcome thoughts about primary schools there) b) none of us would have to change jobs. ( have asked this question as well in another topic, but I don't think people saw it there)

Do you have any advice for us? Thanks lots.

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