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Angry at Fundrasers

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Dudette551 Fri 07-Aug-15 17:22:51

Okay so long story short my OH was made redundant at his long term job at the very beginning of May he looked and looked but had real trouble finding work.. Anyway on Wednesday he started a new job with a fundraising charity.. You know those really annoying people that knock on your door at tea time to ask you to sign up to some charity.. well thats him.. I dont want to name the charity he was given all I'll say is that its a Cancer charity and one I've supported for years and is vey close to my heart (there are 3 well known before people think I'm being obvious) Anyway yesterday after 2 days of learning this damn pitch he was told not to use it, as it doesnt work his 5 other team mates then went on to have a joint and take acid all offering him some.. Thats not even the worst of it my OH was also told that he has to have 4 nos from the potential customer before you can leave the door, from what I'm told they're boderline harrassing the customers and guilt tripping them all well very high on whatever..
Anyway to the point my OH obviosuly has a family to support and is going to have to stay there until he finds other work but I' just wondering If theres anywhere I can make an anonymous complaint I mean these so called fundraisers are ruining the good name of the charity in my eyes, I'm so angry and disgusted by the stories I've been told.

chumbler Fri 07-Aug-15 21:31:38

complain to the charity via new anonymous email? I worked door to door once - also for "charity", it was exactly as you described hmm

Realitea Sat 08-Aug-15 09:35:11

I don't know if one complaint would make much difference in the grand scheme of things and if you mention seeing them take drugs your Dh could get sacked again.
Just search as hard as possible for another job!

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