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Pet sitting for cats

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TheImminentGin Fri 07-Aug-15 11:51:38

We are going on a family holiday for a week. We have 2 cats who have a litter tray but also like to go out every day for a wander. They eat dried food so can last 2/3 days before topping up.
I did ask a friend to pop in twice or thrice while we will be away but I know she can only spend minutes there as she is working, no car and lives quite far away.
So, I'm thinking my options are;
Ask one of my extremely cat friendly neighbours, who I don't know at all well.
Hire a professional pet sitter to visit daily- done this before many years ago, excellent bloke but £££.
Ask BFs daughter. She's keeping an eye on his cats but didn't seem wildly enthusiastic.
Just go with friend (hoping she's remembered)

paulapompom Fri 07-Aug-15 17:24:59

Cat friendly neighbours sound a good option. Close by, like cats and a way to get to know them (the neighbours not the cats). You could bring them a gift to say thank you x

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