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Pep talk please

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BlueSky2015 Sun 02-Aug-15 10:42:55

Dear All,
I hope I am not alone on this feeling...
I am going for my 20 week scan (next week) and have been excited and looking forward to it. Hopefully everything will be ok and my husband and I really want to find out if we will have a girl or boy. I am the first to get pregnant in my family and everyone has been great.
Two weeks ago my mum told me my brother and wife are expecting. They have had 2 previous miscarriages, and we are all really happy for them. My sister in law has had a rough year, and this is all they've wanted since they got married 2 years ago.
I feel absolutely awful, but I'm upset that they couldn't tell me themselves. I don't really understand as we are a close family and I am always there for them, sending them little cards in the post, text messages to cheer them up etc. My family are ecstatic for them especially because of what they went through. This however has thrown me to the way-side, as we very luckily got pregnant quite quickly. This is something we have been very sensitive with and obviously not advertised it/ boasted about. When I called my brother to tell him our good news, I explained how nervous I was about hurting his feelings and hoped they could be happy for us. He said he was.
Now, my family don't seem to be interested with me any more. Maybe this is me being hormonal or selfish, but everything feels different now. I don't really feel excited anymore. Has it worn off? Will it come back? I am still quite small, not a big bump yet, maybe when I get bigger I'll get excited again? We want to become a family and have done for a long time, I know I am really lucky, but I just feel abit weird.
I just wondered if this made sense to anyone, or if anyone else has experienced these feelings?
Thanks in advance x

Newtobecomingamum Sun 02-Aug-15 13:13:37

I'm sorry but I thing this is hormonal and a little bit insensitive. You have already been congratulated and everyone say they are pleased for you. They have suffered terrible losses and may have not told you straight away for many reasons, they may still be worried it might happen again or for a number of different reasons.. It doesn't matter. Let them have some of the limelight and let's pray her pregnancy continued to be successful.
Sorry if that sounds harsh but you asked for opinions. It sounds like your feelings about the lack of excitement etc is because they are getting all or the majority of the attention now. Pick your self up and be grateful for your blessing of being pregnant and be happy for them.

BlueSky2015 Sun 02-Aug-15 15:22:25

Will do, thank you!

Sandbrook Tue 04-Aug-15 09:42:47

I agree and I'm sure when you have your scan next week your family will be delighted and all back on track.
Sometimes when we're pregnant it is all we can think of but that's not true of everyone else.
Congrats & best of luck

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