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Lord title for Fathers day? sorry v v long!!

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MooJay Thu 04-Jun-15 12:29:06

Ok ,so this is quite possibly the most random thing I've ever worried about! I was looking online for a unique gift idea for DP for fathers day from our children. He's an amazing, hardworking and very hands-on Dad and so wanted to get something really special for him, whilst bot being an everyday kinda thing. I came across something on a gift website that said Become a Laird or Lady. I had a good look and it is basically where you can dedicate a square foot of land in scotland and get a certificate etc giving you the title of laird/lady. I thought this was really awesome, so got to work finding out if I could do the sane in England. Found a company that does it, and bought the 'become a lord' pack. Its a certificate, deed of name thingy, and some other really lovely little bits. I rang my brother and told him and he said its a scam, that you don't automatically become a lord by dedicating and/or buying land and that I was wasting my time. So, I did a bit more digging and found that the company I had gone with, had previously been called up by the local newspaper of the area they were claiming the land was in, as fakes as the land had never been heard of. The company had then changed the area and continued to provide the same service. Now, I've read online, and been told by a few people that DP can be known by any title, so long as its not for the intent of defrauding anyone, that the certificate etc is just a fancy bit of paper. I'm absolutely gutted because I thought id found something really special for him, and now I feel like its a load of BS. I'm tempted to continue with the gift purchase so he has the name deed etc, and to make a donation to the Lake district national parks conservation project ( the area this company say the land is in) aseell, probably for a signpost in his name. That way he gets the whole Lord thing and has contributed towards a very worthy cause, with recognition that he has a sign somewhere on the land. Wwyd in this situation? Would you go ahead as I'm planning or forget about it altogether? Thanks for reading all my babble!

MooJay Thu 04-Jun-15 13:11:40


JustHavinABreak Thu 04-Jun-15 23:03:28

I think it's a very sweet gift and he would love how thoughtful you have been. It's a bit like those gifts when you name a star after someone. Does anyone really care how "official" it is? Not at all! Really great idea smile

DishPig Mon 08-Jun-15 02:11:42

Hi Moojay. Yep these are scams, well sort of... The title thing is definitely a scam. The only title you can actually by is a Scottish Barony, usually £60,000++ and even that doesn't entitle you to be a "Lord". Lairdships are a thing in Scotland, but require a huge estate...and once again, you're not "Lord". Legally, you can call yourself whatever you like so long as you not a fraudster, but doesn't make it real.
But often the money raised from these things do genuinely go towards conservation efforts, so it's not all bad.
Btw, I found this out as I was a recipient if one of these for a bday. Whilst it is meaningless I still thought it was quite sweet wink.

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