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Pitman or Institute of legal secretaries and PA

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sereka Thu 04-Jun-15 11:57:01

Hi All,,

hope Im posting in the correct place. Just after advice really. im hoping to to a legal secretary course:
do i just study with the institute of legal secretaries and PAs or go with pitman to study ilex route.

Pitman are way more expensive. Is it worth paying more for pitman diploma? i am just hoping to find a better job as im currently working in admin.


Frostycake Thu 18-Jun-15 15:28:35

I wouldn't pay good money to become a secretary if I were you. It's not very well paid or very well thought of and the work wont be as varied as admin. If you want to find a better job, look at something that you can develop into a career.

< voice of experience >

EnlightenedOwl Thu 09-Jul-15 12:32:28

Just seen this
I work as a Legal PA and hope I'm seen as being of value! I'm certainly told I am by my boss and he appreciates what I do. I don't sit and type all day for a living (I do some typing but its not the main focus of my job). Have a varied workload in a department where the work is extremely interesting. Incidentally the salary's not bad either! OP I would look at doing the Pitman courses.

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