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Gamer husband

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Endofgame Tue 26-May-15 22:01:17

My husband has been gaming for about 4 years. Every single day. He gets defensive and angry if I suggest he has a problem. He clearly does. We no longer chat. He seems to resent spending time with his child. He chats all evening until the early morning with his co-players and even plays it on the tube and at work. My question is... Can this ever stop? If you have a partner who managed to stop how did it work?

NomiMalone Tue 26-May-15 22:04:43

You poor thing..

I've been there. DP was the same when we were in final year of uni. Turns out he was obsessively gaming to avoid facing up to the fact that he was failing. I broke up with him and moved out. That was enough to make him wake up and stop.

He now plays very rarely. Once a week max when I've gone to bed before him or if he's up early in the morning.

I can only advise a very frank discussion. He may be doing what my DP was doing. Of course this us no excuse for him treating you so appallingly though.

thanks for you.

starodyssey2015 Wed 27-May-15 15:44:29

Oh I'm so with you there. I never understood how you could possibly think spending a day staring at a screen is anywhere near as valuable as spending time out with your family.

I just told my boyfriend bluntly he can play on it 3 nights a week. Anymore and im done. It's not a life I would choose to have watching some crap on TV 24/7 and thankfully he's mended his ways

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