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Decorating issues

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cuntyMcCunterson Wed 20-May-15 22:07:25

We have a new build house which is all white and very sterile looking.
We're now able to decorate and now it's the livingroom that needs done.
I want to wallpaper a feature wall DH just wants to so something but doesn't know what!. We've discussed it again tonight and he has said he doesn't want it papered but again is saying he doesn't know what we should do. He went on to say, "just get the paper, I'm not keen but just get it"
WWYD? I really like the paper, it's very unusual. I love it, I have it in a different colour in our bedroom and have had so many positive comments about it. I know it will look fab, do I just go ahead with it?

JustHavinABreak Thu 21-May-15 07:42:55

I wouldn't. When it comes to something important like your home I think either person should have a veto if they feel that strongly. He obviously needs more time to work out what he would like but if you use the wallpaper then you would be doing do knowing that he didn't really like it and "agreed" just for a quiet life. I would get some interiors magazines and some post-its. Over the next few weeks ask him to start looking through them and mark the pages with stuff he likes.

cuntyMcCunterson Thu 21-May-15 10:02:15

Thanks, I think it's just annoying me as he wont say why he doesn't like it it's just a straight no. Unfortunately he's not interested in looking for anything and just tells me to sort it but then vetos my suggestions. Think we'll be painting it all white for the time being.

momtothree Sat 23-May-15 19:12:11

Your husband is displaying normal husbandy syndrome. Wants to be in charge but doesnt have the imagination to know what to do. In this situation i just do it anyway. Its only paper and can be changed.

cuntyMcCunterson Sat 23-May-15 22:04:41

I got the samples through the post today along with samples of his hideous ideas. My sister was here and loved mine, screwed her face up at all the others and is now persuading her DH to get the same!
After seeing the paper in real life and the right colour the paper had been ordered grin
He even asked if I'd ordered the right samples of his choices cos the were "bloody awful"

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