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Half a sodding century old this week.

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Ashbeeee Wed 20-May-15 07:01:55

The big five-0. How the hell did that happen?

Would love to hear inspirational boasting stories of people who just feel 20 but are trapped in a shell that doesn't agree.

Bring it on.

Costacoffeeplease Wed 20-May-15 07:30:18

I'm heading that way in October - it is a bit of a shock, although my sister is two years older and husband is four years older, so that's prepared me a bit!

I don't feel 50, although I don't know what it should feel like, but I like the confidence and feeling of having fewer fucks to give, that aging has brought

Happy birthday!

DeriArms Fri 22-May-15 00:15:24

My bf worked in an older people's intermediate care team and worked with a lady in her 80s who had celebrated her 70th by going to somewhere in South america and having a dip in the Amazon......when I was 19 I got chatting to a lovely chap on a train who was in his 70s and was in his 2nd year at Aston university studying English literature. Point is, world's your oyster and many years to look forward to. Happy birthday ��

Ashbeeee Fri 22-May-15 05:56:16

arms thanks. am quite looking forward to it now. grin

ArcheryAnnie Fri 22-May-15 06:09:16

This is going to be me very soon, too. I'm lucky to have great, much older role models, including a friend in her 70s who is busier than me, as well as younger friends who don't treat me like an old gammer. I've always had friends in a wide age range, and I think that goes a long way towards keeping a positive and realistic view of yourself.

ArcheryAnnie Fri 22-May-15 06:10:00

Oh, and happy birthday for this week!

Cooroo Fri 22-May-15 06:20:23

I'm 55. It all feels ridiculous, some sort of administrative error. Yes I colour my hair, notice one or two new aches but I'm still as fit and healthy (not all that fit!) as I was 20 years ago so I choose to ignore the numbers.

antimatter Fri 22-May-15 06:34:49

Happy Birthday!
I will be there in 18 months time. Kind of makes me scared, kids will be off somewhere by the time I am 52 - then big decision what to do next (if anything at all!)

Ashbeeee Fri 29-May-15 05:42:51

So it was a good bash. Got quite drunk grin. I'm quite enjoying it now and decided that I'm not going to let a number change me. So bought some rather mad but fabulous almost neon pink underwear for myself. Love it. A bit slutty (DH loves it too) and I love the way it peeks out of sensible grown up clothes (I wore a phase 8 wide leg jumpsuit to my bash - v sophisticayyyted until the glowing pink slipped out...) giving a sense that I'm not over the hill yet, and actually don't ever plan to be. My aim is to gracefully become a crazy lady, riding round on my pushbike. Yay for crazy middle aged ladies. We rock.

Costacoffeeplease Fri 29-May-15 06:23:53

I've made a similar decision, to start wearing nice, underwear all the time, not just for 'best'. Post hysterectomy I threw out all my old 'period' pants, but I've still got quite a few sensible, plain cotton ones and as they get thrown out they are being replace by pretty, lacy, sexy knickers - my little rebellion to aging!

Glad you had a great party!

CuttedUpPear Fri 29-May-15 07:19:11

Me too this year.
Not a great number I feel.

If it's any consolation, I remember posting about the menopause on here about 5 years ago and someone helpfully suggesting that I go to Gransnet to find someone to talk to.

Fortunately there is a lot more menopause chat on here now, I think the older demographic must be on the rise.

Mehitabel6 Fri 29-May-15 07:22:31

Once you get over the number it is fine. I took up running just before my 60th and started doing half marathons. Keep active - use it or lose it!

Costacoffeeplease Fri 29-May-15 07:22:39

I've noticed a lot of people turning 50 this year and last, and assumed it was just because I was more aware of it, but there were a lot of babies born in 1964/5, it was pretty much the peak of the post-war baby boom, so I wasn't imagining it, and there are a lot of us about!

LoveVintage Fri 29-May-15 07:28:21

I am 51 now. I had a garden party for my 50th, all vintage dresses and pimms. It was fabulous.

'Administrative error' sums it up perfectly though. I don't feel like I perceive someone in their 50's to be iykwim. I still seem to muddle through home and working life as much as I ever did, don't seem to have become any more mature or wiser. I have decided that is a good thing. grin

ArgyMargy Fri 29-May-15 07:32:27

Hurrah for us 1964/5 boomers!! I'm getting used to being the wrong side of 50 but it does feel pretty weird, in a way that turning 40 never did. I suspect the hormone bunfight currently raging in my body has something to do with it.

MarionHaste Fri 29-May-15 07:33:39

From my reading of the uk population pyramid on Wiki, there are more fifty-year-olds than any other age group.

Redhead11 Fri 29-May-15 07:41:08

I reach the big 50 in just under 2 weeks. Everyone else wants to make a fuss, so i have agreed to a party in the house. I have no clue what i want for my birthday. I don't feel very grown up, but conversely feel quite old with all my on-going aches and pains. I am the oldest person in my work place and sometimes feel like Methuselah by comparison. I am slightly mad with brightly dyed hair, so i am not going into old age quietly.

Happyfriday Fri 29-May-15 07:44:47

It's the pits. Sorry.

Mehitabel6 Fri 29-May-15 10:59:55

The consolation is that everyone grows old - the alternative isn't a good option.

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