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first world kitchen quandary, wwyd?

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Binkleflip Sun 17-May-15 08:59:15

Please help me decide!

My ikea kitchen was installed last week, debated freestanding or integrated dishwasher when planning and was persuaded to buy integrated. I have used it twice now and totally hate it, the top tray is utterly useless for plastic baby bottles and kid stuff because there are no sticks to put them on and if you put them on the bottom they get washed around and stop the dishes being washed properly. When I empty it and then close the door a puddle of water drips onto the floor underneath.

Do I swap it for freestanding now or live with it and see how it goes?

FS will look fine because cooker and ff are also fs and kitchen is more traditional looking than space age streamlined.

There is a granite worktop on order so I can't adjust the cabinets and the gap is exactly 60cm so I am worried a fs won't quite fit. The laminate floor is down and cut in front of the dishwasher so would need adjusted to go under it. This is a bit of a faff but I worry if I leave it then the worktop goes on then I will never get the damn dishwasher out again!

Has anyone done this and how hard is it to get one of these dishwashers back out from under granite, do the legs adjust or something?


Binkleflip Sun 17-May-15 09:17:46


BikeRunSki Sun 17-May-15 09:25:55

Baby bottles won't be forever though, and I never used the dishwasher for mine. I've used a few dishwasher in holiday lets etc, although have only ever owned one. Not sure any have had sticks on the top shelf.

ToddleWaddle Sun 17-May-15 09:29:53

Can you get some type of basket for baby bottles?

OliviaBenson Sun 17-May-15 09:31:31

I've not seen any with sticks on top either. Could you see if you can buy a new top tray with sticks for the model you have? Or see if there are any other products which could be used to help?

Binkleflip Sun 17-May-15 09:39:49

I have had 4 dishwashers over the past 15 years (different houses not dishwasher breakages!) all had sticks for cups/glasses etc on top shelf.

Ikea one has a kind of shallow n shape for putting stuff on, not nearly so versatile. Also means tall glasses aren't held well (although they don't float from the bottom shelf!).

Am going to go to ikea today and discuss, see if they have a basket type solution but to be honest my heart sinks at the thought of wrestling plastic stuff tetris style every day so the dishwasher washes properly - I want it to save time not use it up!

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