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Help! 40th present for DB

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Effnjeff Wed 11-Mar-15 07:51:50

My DB will be 40 soon and I'm really struggling as to what to get him.
Won't wear a watch
Doesn't really have any hobbies
Has most gadgets
Not into clothes
We live 3 hours from him so don't really know any naaaice restaurants we could send him and SIL to.
If I give him general vouchers am pretty sure they'll just get spent on the kids.

Am stumped

DH had suggested Halfords vouchers!!??

LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 11-Mar-15 07:56:15

Our good friend was 40 last year and we did a large box with 40 individual gifts in, one for each year of his life. Each gift was labelled with the year and the gift related either to the year (something that happened to him or in the world) or related to his age that year.

For example, we gave him a key for the year he was 21, a can of beer for the year he turned 18 and so on.

Some of them were really silly little things, and a couple were proper gifts. It was quite a bit of work but he was thrilled and still tells people about it!

Bakeoffcake Wed 11-Mar-15 08:00:30

Did he read a certain comic as a child?

We got my brother a copy of Beano from the week he was born, from eBay. He absolutely loved it.

We also bought him something else but I can't remember what.hmm

Bakeoffcake Wed 11-Mar-15 08:03:31 has great ideas too.

Another idea, does he have a favourite drink? My BIL loves whiskey so we got him a 15 year old single malt. You can get it online and they will send it straight to him.

Effnjeff Wed 11-Mar-15 09:35:16

Thanks for suggestions...... He's not a big drinker (unlike his sistergrin) so don't think he'd enjoy a special spirit.

cdtaylornats Fri 13-Mar-15 16:18:56

Bottle of port from the year he was born. Or a copy of a newspaper from his birth date. Offer to look after the kids for a week.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 13-Mar-15 16:21:03

Book him and SIL a night away DBB near you and have them drop the kids with you for babysitting. Liaise with SIL abt a suitable date

sassytheFIRST Fri 13-Mar-15 16:22:03

Get a cartoon drawn of him and his family - use a picture you have to get a professional cartoonist to draw from.

addicted2cake Tue 24-Mar-15 16:51:35

Get some photos from your childhood and turn into photo book, that's what I am planning on doing for my brothers 40th.

backtowork2015 Sun 10-May-15 20:45:10

champagne afternoon tea gift voucher for lovely (London?) hotel? driving day experience at racetrack? engraved tankard? can recommend all!

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