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Childcare or SAHM

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Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 25-Feb-15 09:45:24

WWYD? I had my first baby in December so am currently on maternity leave for a year until November. I work three days a week, part-time (though I have to be "on call" to cover at a moment's notice, without extra pay) in a job that doesn't allow me to climb any career ladders. If I stayed in this job for the rest of my life there would be no chance of promotion or significant pay rises, so if I were to leave, I wouldn't be doing my career any damage. If I were to go back to work, the money I earn would just about cover childcare and my bus fares, and I would more than likely also need to find emergency childcare so that I could cover absences on my days off. I have no local family or friends that I could rely on to look after DS, even if I paid them.
If I don't go back to work, we would be surviving on DH's sole wage and wouldn't be eligible for any benefits. This would be a struggle because we started renting this house thinking I'd be earning enough to pay towards the rent (baby was a bit of a surprise). We could move to a smaller place and keep DS in our bedroom until we could afford to move back to a two-bedroomed place, but would probably only save £50-150 a month as we live in the South East and it's stupidly expensive here. No chance of moving, either, as DH can't give up his secure job now that we have the baby.
Or I could look for a full-time job that might pay for full-time childcare and give us a little bit of spending money but DS would be raised by childminders sad
I have significant mental health issues which have meant I've always struggled to hold down jobs (need signing off when I have a crisis, etc), so I worry that a full-time job would tip me over the edge. I need my days off to recharge and enable me to cope with the days "on". And in my heart, I would really like to stay at home and raise our son myself.
I just don't know what to do for the best for our family.

backtowork2015 Tue 12-May-15 12:36:33

id say work if you can. ds will get his 15free hours before you know it and will leave you with too much time on your hands. im working to pay the childcare at the moment but it won't be forever, it's convenient for me and cos ive been there a long time I know they will be good to me regarding flexibility and time off for child sickness etc. people on here often say it's hard to get back to work after taking time off, you then have to negotiate flexibility at the start of a job rather than edging it in alongside your good reputation! ! have you looked at both you and your dh claiming childcare vouchers, you can get nearly £500 between you a month tax free. makes a huge difference to us, we stockpiled them when I was on mat leave too so I went back to work with about £5000 of vouchers in my account wink

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