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so confused...

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sharonx85x Thu 12-Feb-15 21:14:46

Hi I have only just joined and apologies if this post is in the wrong place...i don't really know what I'm after or indeed if I am actually after anything other than a rant!! I have been with my husband for 11 years and married for 8 we have 3 children aged 10 7 and 6 months...back in Dec 2013 when I was pregnant my husband left me...he was seeing a woman who was also married.... my husband became really depressed and lost so much weight during this time...he started begging to come home kept telling me he loved me had made the biggest mistake of his life I moved area and had him back to live with me April 19th 2014...everything had been going as well as it could and I never thought I would say this but in a strange way his affair brought us closer than we was before...i remembered we wasn't just mum and dad!! Then Dec 2014 my husband recieced a email from the other woman saying she was pregnant.. it was his and it was due 6th Feb we did some quick calculations and we worked out for the due date she would have conceived around may 16th and I know for a fact he hasn't seen her since April 19th so that proves he isn't the dad doesn't it?! Her phone number was on the email so he phoned her and was like what's this email about why are you saying I'm the dad...she point blank denied she had sent it said someone must of hacked of my mates is friends with her on facebook and she told me the same day my husband spoke to the other woman put a status up saying that someone had hacked her account and was sending stuff to people but it really wasn't she had the baby 11th Feb so I guess I'm just wondering does anyone think this baby could be my husbands....or if its just someone trying to cause trouble?! If you get this far and could try and help me I would be most grateful!! x

DadDadDad Thu 12-Feb-15 22:55:56

Try posting this on the Relationships board (you should be able to find a link at the bottom of the page where popular boards are listed). There are people who give great advice and support there.

I would recommend splitting your post into paragraphs - I know that sounds critical, but it's easier on the eye that way, and might make more people willing to read what you've written. (And I promise you there are such willing people on MN!).

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