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Attack Saturday night advice

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armani234 Mon 26-Jan-15 13:55:21

Bit of a dilemma in what to do! My so and me got a attacked in a club on Saturday. We were just out having a dance and group f guys get pushing into us as young guys do so we ask them to stop. Which they were fine with but one guy kept going on and on. To which he then out of nowhere hit my so. We tried to walk away and this seem to work until the rest of group decided to knock my so to the floor punching and kicking him! They then hit my bag out of my hand as I try to get them off him they punch me in my chest and dragged me to the floor.

My problem is the bouncers never came and help until my friend ran out to get them. They came in and took is out, when we got outside I asked them where the police where are they said they only told the other guys they were coming so they would leave! They they then went on to say thy wouldn't report it as try wouldn't catch them now. I have since found out they told my friend they had let them go because I said I wouldn't press charges which is not true. The guys where already gone when we outside and I never said anything!

Is it worth reporting to the police and reporting the bouncers? Is it best leaving it as they wouldn't catch them! Any advice would be great??

Honeybear30 Mon 26-Jan-15 14:02:00

What have you got to lose by reporting?

Strange thing to ask advice about.

HelloItsStillMeFell Mon 26-Jan-15 14:08:46

Perhaps the bouncers don't like to call the police unless they really have to because it impacts badly on the reputation of the club and if they are called too often they could lose their licence.

You should have called them yourself, immediately. I would not have stood around waiting for anyone else to do it, if a gang of guys have beaten up my partner.

Report it now, make a complaint to the management of the club and ask to have their CCTV records for the police. Do it soon before they can say they've wiped it. Even if the attack was not on record they should have footage of them entering and leaving the club. The least they can do is ban them from the club in future.

HelloItsStillMeFell Mon 26-Jan-15 14:09:11

had, not have

armani234 Mon 26-Jan-15 14:24:31

Thank you just don't want to be seen as wasting police time as I would of thought they wouldn't have been able to find them again! I stupidly trusted they would of done as I was in a state of shock and didn't think for a second the police wouldn't have been called.

HelloItsStillMeFell Mon 26-Jan-15 15:13:39

It would not be wasting their time AT ALL. You were attacked. That's what they are for. smile

ImperialBlether Mon 26-Jan-15 15:16:32

Strange response from you, HoneyBear. The OP has been assaulted - is that all you can say to her?

Honeybear30 Mon 26-Jan-15 15:49:00

Sorry I didn't mean it like that, it's just the op sounds quite urgent and I really didn't see why it was a 'dilemma'. I get now she has said about worrying re wasting time.

I still think you should report, nothing to lose at all.

Mavericklovesgoose Mon 26-Jan-15 15:53:47

Definitely report to the police, not entirely sure what you would be reporting the doorstaff for? The only issue I can see is that there often isn't cctv of the dance floor (of any evidential quality) due to the lightning

Mavericklovesgoose Mon 26-Jan-15 15:57:07

pressed send too soon! but there might be cctv in the foyer. Some clubs have livescan which copy everyone's id on entry which could help identify suspects but that's quite rare

Mavericklovesgoose Mon 26-Jan-15 16:10:48

pressed send too soon! but there might be cctv in the foyer. Some clubs have livescan which copy everyone's id on entry which could help identify suspects but that's quite rare

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