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Move before finding a job or job first then commute?

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mojo17 Fri 23-Jan-15 10:50:15

I would like to relocate to home city one and a half hours away.
I am currently not working, just started being self employed with just a few jobs done so far.
I am looking for a permanent job.

So my dilemma is should I move first or find a job first
1. Move first
I have tiny mortgage, the house I'm in atm (rural, detached with garage) will probably get me a nice downsized terrace/end of terraced house in city. It needs a little tarting up and a major de clutter.
2. Job first
Will probably be able to get a mortgage on wages enabling a 'better' house in city. Will need to commute a lot, could stay with sis during week, but have a dog!

I have money to last me until end of March so need to make this decision.
Other info. Dcs have recently left home, I have boyfriend who lives three quarter to one hour away from home city, so I would be closer to him.
Help me sort through my mind please

DarkHeart Sat 07-Feb-15 19:03:12

Personally I would find a job first as that will offer you some stability and an idea whereabouts to live

splodgeses Thu 12-Feb-15 13:00:58

If you absolutely certain that you will being staying put once you move, why not move first, to the albeit smaller home, and then when you have found a job, you can plan on upgrading smile
I only say this because I wonder if you might just get stuck in a rut with the commuting and never 'tart up and declutter' as it isn't pressing enough. Also, it is probably easier to do said tarting of current home while you are not working full time and commuting 3 hours a day!

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