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about my sisters hen party ?

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theITgirl Sat 17-Jan-15 09:45:05

I am trying to plan my sisters hen party. Original list was six and my sister the bride. Three of the guests have just declined due to cost, completely understand and don't have a problem with them just the situation. One of the guests will be very pregnant, but has said she will try to come to the afternoon part.
I had tried to keep the costs down. It was an overnight in a travel lodge and a comedy club. It will have to be an overnight as people live to far away from each other.

So the current hen party consists of my sister, my cousin and myself. My other cousin may come along for a few hours.

Please can anyone think of anything special we can do with such a small group?

I haven't told my sister yet as I really want to have a couple of new ideas for her first.
Even though we can afford to go to the hen do, I still need to keep the cost down.

Lunastarfish Sat 17-Jan-15 09:47:49

Afternoon tea/spa - there are always deals on Groupon which can keep the cost down.

Salsa class

Kbear Sat 17-Jan-15 09:49:25

I'd scrub all that - I'd invite everyone over, ask them to bring a sleeping bag (pg lady can have a bed!) and get some drinks in and have cocktail night. That way, everyone can join in, it reduces the cost. Hen nights are about your friends, not having a night so expensive your friends can't be there.

Have fun!

theITgirl Sat 17-Jan-15 10:08:28

Ok, could try to get rid of husband & children. Like the idea of afternoon tea, London is doable from here so could go posh.
The three guests who have declined still won't come, I have never met them, but I understand they are saving hard to come to the wedding and stay overnight - I do not want to hassle them and make them feel bad for not coming.
They are family on the groom's side, invite was to build relationships so
not such close friends with my sister that they will be missed.
Actually part of the problem is that my sister has very few female friends. Lots of acquaintances, but not friends. Her best friend moved to Australia recently, but is hoping to come to the wedding.

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