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Inviting reluctant dad to be's family to baby shower

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Gigi789 Mon 29-Dec-14 20:37:25

Any advise welcome!
So my 19 year old dd's baby is due soon and I'm arranging a surprise baby shower. Nothing grabby, just a show of support and a bit of fun. Her ex never wanted a baby and has been pretty much NC but his mum has txt her a few times to check how scans ect have gone and to ask if she needs anything. We have only met ex once, never met his family. Now on the basis that we have no idea how involved exs family want to be would it be acceptable to invite his mum to baby shower and she can refuse if it's gonna be awkward or she's not that interested. Too pushy to do so or unfair to not give her a chance??

tassisssss Mon 29-Dec-14 20:38:31

I'd say it's up to your dd and her ex.

Madcatgirl Mon 29-Dec-14 20:39:01

I'd invite her, it's an easy way to open the gate to her being involved.

Gigi789 Mon 29-Dec-14 20:43:30

Thanks, I can't ask dd it's a surprise and ex wants no involvement at all. And madcat that's what I thought too.

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