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Leaving self catering accommodation - how tidy?

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Chocolategirl7 Sun 28-Dec-14 20:47:58

We've stayed in the same self catering apartment twice now and would hope to go back again. How tidy / clean do you leave places after you have been to stay?

A cleaner comes in after we have left but as we have two kids and a moulting dog, I usually sweep / Hoover round, leave the sinks and work tops clean but not polished and the toilets clean but not freshly cleaned! I empty the bins and replace bin bags.

I don't strip the beds but leave them made up. I don't wash the tea towels they leave - they are usually pretty mucky!
They always leave us coffee, milk, toilet roll, washing up liquid and bin bags, hand soap and a bottle of prosecco and box of biscuits. I usually replenish the toilet roll and washing up liquid.
I'd like them to be pleased to have us again albeit it's a commercial arrangement. Am I doing enough? WWYD?

Nevercan Tue 30-Dec-14 17:28:14

Sounds tidy enough to me

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