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Giving 9yo alcohol....

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AngieBolen Fri 26-Dec-14 19:04:04

WWYD if you were having a family Christmas meal and your 9yo was given a drink 1/3 red wine
2/3 lemon aid?

piggychops Fri 26-Dec-14 19:12:58

Depends how big the glass was. If it was just a very small one I'd be ok with it.

LittleBearPad Fri 26-Dec-14 19:17:19

Probably not worry too much

livegoldrings Fri 26-Dec-14 19:18:45

I dont really drink myself and dh is teatotal so we wouldn't like it and I think they should have checked with you first. Having said that I wouldn't make a huge deal about it as it is a small amount and wouldn't hurt the child. I would have a quiet word though.

AlpacaMyBags Fri 26-Dec-14 19:21:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Micah Fri 26-Dec-14 19:26:34

I don't like mixing it with lemonade to make it sweeter and more palatable. What's the point? Just give them lemonade.

I have no issue with children being offered small tastes of alcohol. Mine is 10 and if she asks to try alcohol she can. As you'd expect though she doesn't like it!

dyslexicdespot Fri 26-Dec-14 19:39:40

Heads would fly!

dobedobedo Fri 26-Dec-14 19:42:16

it's Christmas. a child seeing wine as something to have for a social, special occassion like Christmas is a lot better than seeing it as forbidden fruit imo.

LegArmpits Fri 26-Dec-14 19:45:06

I'd say cheers.

PiratePanda Fri 26-Dec-14 19:45:39

Well as a beverage that sounds revolting, but watered wine with dinner is normal for children in some families and it's not illegal. If you don't like it, you're the parent - don't allow it for your children. But don't judge others if they let their children try alcohol in this very measured way.

Happy36 Fri 26-Dec-14 19:46:51

I think it's fine but would be surprised if anyone other than uncles, aunts and grandparents did it without checking with parents. (My family is French and my in-laws are Spanish so by many English people's standards we are "liberal Europeans", or so my English friends like to make out).

Madamecastafiore Fri 26-Dec-14 19:47:10

Wouldn't bother me. My eldest 2 had a snowball which they thought was fab. I don't really drink and DH doesn't ever get pissed so as long as they drink sensibly it's fine.

I'd have more of an issue with a child seeing alcohol routinely abused by an adult.

ClashCityRocker Fri 26-Dec-14 19:50:42

It's not something I'd give to someone else's dc without checking first.

And I agree with not adding the lemonade - if they want a taste, fine, but it's not something that merits making 'child friendly'.

I used to get a sherry glass of red wine with christmas dinner and most Sunday dinners - rarely drank more than a sip.

ouryve Fri 26-Dec-14 19:51:56

I'd have no problem with it, if it was a little weaker and in a small glass.

It's all academic, anyhow, because I couldn't even persuade DS1 to try a sip of schloer, yesterday!

AskBasil4StuffingRecipe Fri 26-Dec-14 19:52:40

I think it's bloody rude to give someone else's child alcohol without checking with them first.

Timeforabiscuit Fri 26-Dec-14 19:53:37

One influence on whether a person develops a problem misusing drugs or alcohol is their age of first use - the younger they are the worse it is.

You can google NICE guidance on alcohol disorders for all the research on this.

As children are smaller, and intolerant of alcohol, they display alcohol poisoning differently and the volume they can imbibe in safety isn't really known.

That why any person doing this to my child would be treated as if they were trying to poison my child - because they are.

MissWimpyDimple Fri 26-Dec-14 19:55:26

Fine by me. To be honest I think it's only on here that I have realised its is taboo for some!

Obviously each to their own but I will allow DD to have a small glass of wine if you wants it. My friends who are doctors do the same with theirs.

tribpot Fri 26-Dec-14 19:56:18

I'd be appalled.

pinkyredrose Fri 26-Dec-14 19:58:11

Time that's a rather hysterical reaction. Poison indeed!

DancingDinosaur Fri 26-Dec-14 19:58:40

Hmm, not sure, still seems a little bit young to me. I wouldn't be raging, its not dreadful, but not ideal either.

Annunziata Fri 26-Dec-14 20:00:26

Absolutely fine.

DixieNormas Fri 26-Dec-14 20:02:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyCybilCrawley Fri 26-Dec-14 20:02:04

What's the point ? Just give them lemonade

tribpot Fri 26-Dec-14 20:03:28

But alcohol is a poison - link from DrinkAware. It may be one that many people can ingest relatively harmlessly but nevertheless it is one.

DixieNormas Fri 26-Dec-14 20:03:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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