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Keepontrudging Sun 14-Dec-14 12:22:33

So I have most people's opinions on this offered in RL... General consensus is don't go for an elcs, which is what I am mainly thinking. Basically most people's reasoning is cos I have a toddler at home too, and it's major surgery. I have refused an induction (due to bad experience first time around.) However, I have been offered ARM, waters to be broken, if my cervix is dialated 2-3 cm or more (judging by my constant lower backache, I actually think it could be) I know no one can really make the decision, but me. I sort of have to know by Wednesday as that the day I have final growth scan, and if baby's growth is static he will have to delivered this week. I'd just be interested to hear people's opinions on this one. Again, I know everyone's different- ultimately it's my choice. There is just sooo much to take into account! I even asked the midwife and trainee midwife what they would do if they were me! You lot seem like an open minded / wise bunch. WWYD in my shoes, ladies of wisdom?

HollyJollyXmas Sun 14-Dec-14 12:24:48

What was your first birth experience like? What were the reasons for it being a bad experience?

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