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would you say something? Would it be nosey to?

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qweihdihgsd Tue 02-Dec-14 20:39:56

I'm seeing a friend in a couple of days. She has two toddlers. I know that she's had a rough few years, what with having twins, her husband cheating, having to move house because he lost his job and they couldn't afford the mortgage etc. Her started cheating whilst she was pregnant with the twins and she only found out when the twins were 6 months old (it was with one woman as an ongoing thing). My friend does not seem herself again recently and seems very unhappy and shutting herself off. She seems greatful when I visit, and I do try to visit at least every couple of weeks, but she isn't really one to open up. To top it all off, she is now going through menopause so won't be able to have more children and I know would have liked to. Her husband has also told her that she pressured him into having kids.

Ok so when I see her, should I say "you seem really unhappy, do you want to talk or have a moan about anything?" or keep my mouth shut? We are quite close, I've known her for 4 years.

immortalwife Tue 02-Dec-14 20:42:03

I probably would. Its not nosy per se, its giving her an optional outlet. My mates and I do this all the time.

Heyho111 Thu 04-Dec-14 05:36:30

I would say 'you ok ? You're not your usual self?' She can say I'm fine and that's the end of conversation or she will tell you. There's nothing wrong with being a concerned friend.

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